Many women agree that their men take advantage of their love treating it as a trophy for the shelf. Going back to childhood and films watched, women have a dream of their ideal man and how the couple will live 'Happily ever after' and this dream is what keeps women in a relationship thats heading no where in the hope that one day their man will appreciate the love.
When a woman realises that her Prince is in fact a toad the idea of cheating doesnt seem so bad. 


As the years pass and the couple have children women just like men can start to feel bored with the daily routine and feel that they are simply being taken for granted. 'Im just a daughter, sister, wife and mum what about me and what I want' All those things a woman did in the past for her partner are just expected now. When the couple get down to talking its about the kids, extended family problems, bills, savings or the same old argument which has been the highlight of every fight the past few years!

Its not hard to see that an affair can bring back all those feelings of being sexy, loved and appreciated. The woman can be young again without a care in the world flirting and being herself once again.


Unlike many things in life cheating is a choice, you either sleep with another man because 'You did it so can I' or you dont stoop as low as the man has. If on the other hand there has been another man showing interest for a while and the woman knows her man cheated what are the chances that she will still refuse the other mans advances.

Cheating for revenge does not solve the problem it only makes matters worse and yes maybe thats what both parties want, but before making that mistake it is always better to try and work things out.

As mentioned earlier women have an immense need to know that they are still desirable to their man after for example gaining weight, having the kids or simply letting thmeselves go a bit. If a woman desires sex more than the man she could become insecure thinking her man has sex just out of duty rather than desire.This can truly make a woman feel unattractive, uncared for, and hopeless about getting her needs met.

Then comes along the man who makes her feel not only desirable but like she is the most attractive woman in the world. Suddenly she feels confident, happy, sexy, flirtatious and most of all wanted. She is not just a wife and cook anymore!